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5.0 Firepower Ignition by Performance Distributors
Product Review
June 2004

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YMR recently had the opportunity to review Performance Distributors' Firepower Ignition System for the 5.0L Mustang. Performance Distributors is a well-known aftermarket vendor of Mustang performance oriented ignition components. The Firepower ignition system is available for both the 5.0L (87-95) and the 4.6L (96-98).
The Firepower kit includes the items listed below. Purchasing the entire kit will give you a discount (10% at time of this writing), although you can purchase any item individually.

  • 5.0 Dyna-Mod (Part# 000555 87-93, Part# X000555 94-95)
    "The 5.0 Dyna-Mod has more electronic dwell in it over a stock module to provide more coil saturation time. This extra dwell time allows the coil to produce a more intense spark. Improves throttle response and low end power. Mounts in the original factory location without any modifications."
  • Screamin' Demon Coil (Part# 31724)
    "Open up spark plug gaps to a whopping .060" with the Screamin' Demon coil. No drop off in power as RPM's increase. The coil has a brass terminal, rather than aluminum, which provides better conductivity and will resist corrosion longer. This coil is too "hot" for stock plug wires."
  • 5.0 Cap and Rotor (Part#34100)
    "Super conductive brass terminals deliver ALL of the spark to the plugs. Excellent dielectric strength resists carbon tracking. Available in red or blue."
  • Livewires
    (Part #C9057 stock, unequal length or long tube headers)
    (Part# C9058 equal length shorty headers)

    "LiveWires come with space age, heat resistant sleeving to provide protection from exhaust heat. The sleeving is heat treated glass braid and is non-flammable and non-corrosive to chemicals. LiveWires are custom fit - no assembly is required. Each wire is numbered at each end for the correct cylinder. LiveWires have a durable and long lasting silicone jacket and insulation. Spiral wound core prevents electronic interference - no radio noise or computer interference. Available in blue, black, red, yellow & purple."

Since Project Brightmare is a '99 GT, we couldn't use that car to benefit from this review. We needed a '98 or earlier Mustang for which the Firepower Ignition kits are designed. For the testing we turned to Chris Rhodes (YMR Staff member) and his yellow '95 GT Convertible. Chris installed the parts on his GT himself, and wrote his honest findings on the product, which you will read below...

Well I get a call from Steve asking if I would like to do an article on Performance Distributors Screamin' Demon Coil and Livewires. My reply was, of course. Now I have used an Accel coil and MSD coil before and have not noticed too much of a difference so I wasn't expecting much...boy was I surprised.
Firepower Ignition components before installation new underhood decal by Performance Distributors

Now before I started the install I disconnected the battery as you should always do while working under the hood of your car. Then it was a pretty standard install. The first thing I did was remove the cap with the wires intact and pulled out the old rotor. Then I changed my plugs and gapped them at .060 just like Performance Distributors recommends. Using my old cap and wires as a guide, I put the Live Wires on the cap... man these things are huge.
Transferring Livewires to the new cap in the same order old dist cap and old Ford Racing wires new NGK spark plugs

Next I replaced the coil, then replaced the TFI (Dyna-Mod). To remove this from the fender you need a 7/32" socket. I pulled it with the heat sink and all, so I could clean it and install the new dielectric grease.
New Screamin Demon coil installed Inside distributor new Dyna-Mod installed in the fender

After reinstalling the TFI, I put in the new rotor and put the cap & wires on, then ran the wires to their respective plugs. I reconnected the battery and fired her off.
new cap installed with Livewires, and Screamin Demon coil new cap installed with Livewires finished installation, engine bay photo

Now I did expect the car to start and idle smoother, which it did. But you won't really notice a difference until you have run down the road about 10 miles and have given your computer time to relearn your driving habits, but from there...man, what a difference. On my car I could never advance it above 10 degrees without getting detonation. Well, right now I'm at 12 degrees and the car really has some pep. There's nothing like nitrous or a blower, but you know your own car and when you feel a small gain, you know it. I am very satisfied with this product and I feel if you want to go with an aftermarket coil, wires, cap, rotor, & TFI then Performance Distributors products are well worth the money.

- Chris "Pappy" Rhodes

If you would like to consult with Performance Distributors for more information on how this can benefit your Mustang, feel free to call them at 901-396-5782. You can also email them directly at info@performancedistributors.com or visit their webpage HERE with more details and ordering instructions for your specific car.

UPDATE 11/9/04: We also recently enlisted the help of Performance Distributors for our new addition to the YMR stable, a '93 yellow LX Convertible. The engine is nearly bone stock, but we wanted to replace the plug wires, and decided to do an entire upgrade to a Firepower Ignition kit instead. This replaced the cap, rotor, wires, TFI module, and ignition coil. So far, the performance gains are great! We can definitely feel a few extra horses on acceleration, and throttle response.

Installation Written by: Chris Rhodes, YMR Staff
Editing by: Steve Shrader

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