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Flash2Pass Garage Door Opener
Product Review
February 2005

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For those of you out there that keep your car in a garage and have a garage door opener that you carry in your car, we have something you'll be interested in. We stumbled on a new product by F2P that turns your car's highbeams into your built-in garage door opener!! Yes, I know, we had a hard time ingesting it too. Once installed in any vehicle, you simply flash your highbeams when you're near your garage door, and it sends a signal to open or close your garage. No more losing your remote... no more having to carry it from car to car... No worrying about it getting stolen. It's built right in!

This will work on just about any late model car, truck, motorcycle, or even a lawn mower. You just need the "Flash to Pass" option on your turn signal stalk that flashes your highbeam headlights. You can install transmitters on up to 7 vehicles that all function with one garage door opener. The complete kit retails for $99.99 and additional transmitters are $49.99 for multiple vehicles.

The kit was very simple to install and the instructions that are included are very understandable. F2P includes 2 wire connectors, a wire tie, and optional screws for mounting. The first step is the receiver which mounts on the garage wall in place of your old garage door button. Unscrew your old garage button from the wall and take off the 2 wires. Test them first to ensure there's not constant power there that will give you a jolt. If so, cut the breaker off. The new receiver wall unit has a back plate. Slide the wires from the wall through the back plate and mount them on the white receiver. Test the button to ensure the garage door still functions. Screw the included screws into the wall to secure it.

The other unit mounts on your car near the headlights (either left or right is fine). You tap into 2 wires on the plug at one of the headlight assemblies. For 94-04 Mustangs, tap into the left and middle wires of the plug (when looking at the front of the car). Use the provided wire connectors to attach them. It doesn't matter which wires mate up. For 87-93 Mustangs, tap the 2 wires coming from the outside slots of the connector.

We also installed a second transmitter in our daily driver, a 2005 Mini Cooper S. The second transmitter sells for $44.99 and can be easily programmed to work with your existing kit. The extra transmitter has to "learn" the new code of your garage. Once you've installed your transmitter, simply press a button on the wall mounted receiver, and you have 30 seconds to activate your highbeams. This learns the code, and you're ready to go. No more switching remotes from car to car!

We liked the kit so much here at YMR, that we became a dealer for the product and sell it right here on our website. We're even throwing in Free Shipping! You can go to our Merchandise page to view the product listing, or browse for other YMR goodies. Or you can simply click the below PayPal order button to begin your payment online. Price for a kit is now reduced to $79.95!

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If you have any questions, feel free to email us for tips on your installation. Written by: Steve Shrader, YMR

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