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YMR at the Autofair !
Lowes Motor Speedway, Food Lion AutoFair
Charlotte, NC - April 9, 2005

If you've ever wanted to be a part of a YMR show, the Food Lion Autofair is the place to be. YMR puts on a show twice annually during this car lover's dream event. The Autofair features over 50 selective car clubs that bring their beloved machines inside the Lowes Motor Speedway. Everything from Corvettes to Corvairs, from MG's to Porsche's to Miatas, it's all here. There's even several Mustang clubs allowed to participate including the one and only... Yellow Mustang Registry (or Yellow Mustang Club as we were referred to often by bystanders).

Right in the middle of the speedway sat a bright yellow display that included 40 of YMR's most dedicated members. We were treated with prime parking this year, with literally thousands of people witnessing for the first time in

their life, a car organization devoted to the color of their vehicles. The pointing fingers and off-the-wall color comments were enough to make any yellow Mustang owner smile for hours on end. We truly made our presence known at this event.

As always, there's more to a YMR event than a car show. We also featured a special Dyno-Day at Custom Performance, who helped provide food for the cookout, and allowed the use of their shop for Dan DeSio's portable Dynojet. YMR wouldn't be complete without the crazy participants doing controlled burnouts.
CLICK HERE to view Limey's night-time burnout (30mb) that brought the fire trucks out on a false alarm! We also cruised to Ruby Tuesday's on Independence Blvd where we received the star treatment with roped off parking, and designated seating.

This group never fails to amaze even the most experienced of YMR veterans with the extended friendships, and passion for the cars they drive. There is no other organization quite like the YMR.

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Photos from the YMR Show. (Click thumbnail for a larger image)
Mrs. Limey arrives in her Geo slayer
First ever rubbernecker wreck caused by a long yellow train