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YMR at the Carlisle All-Ford Nationals!
Carlisle, PA June 4, 2005

Once again, Carlisle Fairgrounds turned out to be the perfect place to display a hoard of yellow Mustangs. Steve Flynn, our national show chairman for YMR coordinated yet another great event at the Carlisle All-Ford Nationals. It's a great central location for all of the northern members to gather together in a huge car show, to have an amazing time with their fellow yellow comrades. The cruising is always the best part of the activities, with a long line of yellow Mustangs in the rear view mirror making their way from Mechanicsburg... and another long line of rubbernecking bystanders confused at exactly what they were witnessing!

Thanks to Desiree and Ryan Lenker, a wonderful cookout was setup for the YMR to hang out and take a minute to relax in the busy events schedule that YMR brings to every show. Parking was tight, but the end result was an amazing display of yellow cars, and a chance to mingle with the other car nuts that they now call "family". The pictures say the rest!

As usual, YMR did not go unnoticed in the public view. The editor for Mustang Times mentioned the YMR showing in the editorial section of the July 05 edition of the magazine. It was rather hard to miss the glowing yellow display sitting prominently on the hill for everyone to walk by. And we all know, that buying a yellow Mustang didn't mean we preferred to hide in the bushes as bystanders. The power of yellow increases in numbers...

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Photos from the YMR Show. (Click thumbnail for a larger image)