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October 2002

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This month we installed a nice set of stainless steel bumper inserts for our 1999 Yellow GT and 2000 Red GT Project cars. If you are unfamiliar with this product, basically they are high quality stainless steel letters that fit in the recessed lettering on your rear bumper that either reads "Mustang", "Cobra", or "Saleen". We obtained our set of lettering from We were very impressed with the layout and design of their website. It was easy to maneuver throughout the pages and simple enough to understand so that you don't get overwhelmed or confused before you've had a chance to view the product. The excellent quality photography on the site helped us choose if they would be the right new modification to our Mustangs.

The "Mustang" lettering we chose for our two GT's were a very affordable $79.95 a set (see special offer at bottom of page for $10 off this price) which includes shipping. We searched throughout the Internet for price comparison and found many different companies selling for $75-$95 a set and they usually charged additional shipping charges on top of that. These are made of 20 gauge steel which are perfect for this application (not too thick, not too thin).

Stainless Steel Inserts, 3M Backing on letters,

The letters arrived via US Mail and were packaged very carefully so that the letters could not touch each other during shipment. Each letter was individually sealed. (See photo above) We found no scratches or flaws on any of the pieces. The adhesive backing on the letters is by 3M, which represents the utmost quality to us.

Stainless Steel Inserts, Stainless Steel Inserts,
Stainless Steel Bumper Inserts, Stainless Steel Inserts,

Installation was a snap! There's not much to write about this since it's so easy. We had to remove our previous vinyl decal letters that were in place before so there was a little more work involved than normal. After peeling off the existing black vinyl, there was a small amount of residue/dirt on the bumper. We cleaned this off with soapy water, rinsed well, and dried before applying the stainless steel version.

Test fit each piece before peeling off the 3M backing on each letter. Once you determine just how it will set in the indentation, separate the backing tape and carefully align with where it will go on the bumper. Once it sticks, it's nearly impossible to remove it, so make sure you get it right the first time. Use your finger to press on the letter to make sure all adhesive is set in place.

As you go from letter to letter, be sure that each lines up with the previous so you don't have them going downhill or zigzagging across the bumper.

Letter M installed, Project Firestorm bumper letters,

Within 15 minutes we had finished the removal and installation of the bumper inserts!

UPDATE! has offered all visitors of this site a special offer when ordering their bumper letters. Visit this page in our Links section for more details on the order code.

We had been skeptical at first about putting the stainless steel on our Yellow machine simply because we weren't sure of the contrast in colors. But I have to say, we were deeply impressed by the quality and appearance of the new lettering. They don't stick out too far as some kits I've seen and they fit perfectly in the indentations. The black vinyl lettering was nice, but these are absolutely amazing. We've already had several people ask us where we got the stainless steel lettering but we never seemed to have anyone inquire about our vinyl decals in the past. These are a nice addition to the 'Stang for less than $80. Visit their website for more info.

Written by: Steve Shrader, YMR

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