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Mustang Production Figures

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Choose the category you would like to view above. Most numbers are for units sold to the public. You may find other sources of production numbers that do not match these posted here as some units were never sold (Crushed, Prototypes, etc.) If you have discrepancies that you want to protest, tough luck....this is what our research has found. There are tons of different figures you may find, that reflect different totals and may come from multiple sources. It is very common to find these different figures but all should be fairly close. Our numbers were researched from very reliable sources.

1.) Stewart Jones, Third Generation National Registry. 3rd Gen Website
Stewart can give you accurate information broken down by options about any 1982-1999 mustang.
2.) Brian Camp, Ford salesperson and dedicated member of BlueOvalNews.com
3.) Various Ford Marketing Managers, Mustang/Thunderbird Dept.
4.) "Standard Catalog of Mustang", book by Brad Bowling
5.) 35th Anniversary Owners Association. www.mustang35th.com