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2001 Mustang Production Figures

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Choose the category you would like to view above. Most numbers are for units sold to the public. You may find other sources of production numbers that do not match these posted here as some units were never sold (Crushed, Prototypes, etc.) If you have discrepancies that you want to protest, tough luck....this is what our research has found.

2001 Production numbers received 1/17/02 by Ford sources.. These numbers below reflect U.S. sold Mustangs for the 2001 model year(including Cobra & Bullitt). The breakdown of color does not represent Canadian sales or Ford fleet vehicles. These figures may not be reproduced without written permission from the webmaster.
2001 Mustangs BY COLOR
Color Name Paint Code Units Sold
Black UA 15.7% (24,360)
Laser Red E9 15.3% (23,740)
Silver YN 14.9% (23,119)
Oxford White Z1 11.4% (17,689)
Mineral Gray TK 11.0% (17,068)
True Blue L2 9.9% (15,361)
Zinc Yellow B7 6.9% (10,706)
Performance Red ES 6.3% (9,775)
Tropic Green SU 5.1% (7,913)
Electric Green SW 1.8% (2,793)
Dark Highland Green
(exclusive to Bullitt)
PY 1.7% (2638)

Bullitt GT Edition
Total Production: 5,582
Dark Highland Green
(Exclusive color for Bullitt Edition)
Black 1,818
True Blue 723

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