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Project Brightmare that received the SS inserts

Plain Factory Charcoal dash before Husky trim kit

Driver's door BEFORE the Husky interior kit

Husky Liners - Mustang Dash Kits (and Floor Liners)
Product Review

November 2002

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In our search for interior enhancements in our two project Mustang GT's, we enlisted the help of Husky Liners to provide us with a nice dash trim kit for each car. We chose a Carbon Fiber look for our 2000 red GT (dubbed Project Firestorm) and a brushed aluminum kit for the Yellow 99 GT (Project Bee-Z).

Husky's Carbon Fiber Dash Kit (photo provided by Husky Liners) Husky's Brushed Aluminum dash kit (photo by Husky Liners)

These dash systems are molded interior trim components (not decals) that conform to the areas surrounding your instrument panel or radio bezel and door switch panels. They are custom molded to fit your 1997-2003 Ford Mustang exactly. There is a special topcoat that is resistant to fading from sun exposure. The dash systems have an exclusive 3M Acrylic Foam Tape adhesive back that creates a strong bond. They are guaranteed by Husky not to crack or break. The 5-piece dash system for the 97-03 Ford Mustang is available in platinum carbon fiber or double brushed aluminum, which includes a radio bezel, a gear shift surround, an instrument panel, and 2 door accent panels.
(Diagram of 5 piece kit)

Husky Liners is a company based in Kansas and sells many automotive items including dash kits, floor mats, SUV cargo mats, aluminum truck accessories, mud guards, and more. The range of vehicles stretches from Mustangs to SUV's to pickup trucks, to luxury cars. We also have the Husky Liner floor mats and cargo mat in our 2002 Mitsubishi Montero tow vehicle. More info on those mats are below.

Pricing: The Mustang 5 piece dash system starts around $225 depending on which retailer you purchase from and which kit you are ordering. There are similar manufacturers on the market but the quality of these far outmatch what we've seen elsewhere. The Husky mats & liners for SUV's range from $45 and up depending on the size of the vehicle and type of mat. These prices are based on an online retailer of these products at PremierMotoring.com. Visit their website for specific pricing and vehicle selections.

Assorted carbon fiber dash pieces Closeup of Carbon Fiber on instrument cluster piece
Closeup of Brushed Aluminum dash bezel Brushed Aluminum dash console

Diagram of parts included in kit - Download PDF
Husky Liner's Installation instructions - Download PDF
The installation of these parts was very easy but there are some key points to note when installing it. It is highly important to clean the surfaces of the components receiving the treatment so that the adhesive can stick. Most people have put on a dash protectant such as Armor All which will cause the adhesive to be less effective. Follow Husky's instruction sheet in how to clean the surfaces properly with alcohol using the sponge they provided in the kit.

We test fitted each piece in the car to ensure the exact position it would fit before removing the adhesive backing. Once we cleaned the area thoroughly, we peeled off the 3M backing and carefully placed the piece over the trim. The instructions say to start in the center and push your way out to the edges to prevent air bubbles and that seemed to work just fine. We pressed firmly to be sure it wasn't going to come off.

3M backing on dash kit pieces Carbon Fiber shifter bezel closeup
Brushed Aluminum door accent on Charcoal interior Brushed Aluminum closeup of center console

Overall impression
After our installation, the pieces have all held up great against temperature changes, and cleaning. The adhesive proved to be very reliable and has stayed firmly in place since we installed it a few weeks ago. They greatly enhance the interior from the dull, drab Mustang colors that Ford produces in our Mustangs. Interior accents are a common practice for auto manufacturers but the Mustang has yet to receive any real interior enhancements from Ford designers to match the industry. Thanks to Husky Liners, our cars are very distinct and much more appealing to the eye.

To order a dash kit or floor/cargo mats for your car, you can contact the toll free number at Husky to determine the closest retailers near you. Call Customer Service at 800-344-8759 or visit the Husky Liners website to locate Online Dealers.

Carbon Fiber dash pieces Closeup of Brushed aluminum design

Floor Liners & Cargo Mat
Our 2002 Mitsubishi Montero also received a nice addition. We now have the Husky Cargo Mat for the rear cargo area and the 4 Floor Liners for the front and rear seating area. All pieces were specifically designed for this vehicle and formed to fit perfectly. The mats come rolled up in the box so we just needed to unroll them and let them sit out for about an hour before placing in the car. They come in 3 different colors to match your interior color for your SUV or truck. They even have a lip around the outside edge to prevent water or other liquids from escaping into your interior should that problem arise. The Sta-Put-Nibs anti-slip design holds them firmly in place and they also have a non-slip surface as well.

We are now able to haul just about anything without the worry of scratching or staining the interior carpet or floor mats. Dirty shoes, animals, oily auto technicians, and the natural elements are no longer obstacles to watch out for. They are easily removed when cleaning is needed.

Husky also makes a nice set of rubberized floor mats if you like the style of those better than the liners. Check out their website for all of their products and photos of your specific vehicle. To go directly to the page for Floor Liners, CLICK HERE.

Cargo mat in 2002 Mitsubishi Montero XLS Front passenger floor liner - Montero
Rear seating floor liners Rear driver side floor liner
Cargo liner for Chevy Suburban Cargo Liner for Chevy Blazer

If you have any questions about our review of this product, email ymr@carolina.rr.com.

Written by: Steve Shrader, YMR

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