The YMR has one simple advertising plan for all vendors and manufacturers wishing to promote their merchandise and services to the Yellow Mustang community. Advertising here will ensure your merchandise and/or services reach a broad spectrum of Ford Mustang owners. Additionally, if your product or service is specific in targeting the color yellow, you will not find a better way of promotion than here with the YMR.  With a membership base exceeding 10100 members, our image-oriented folks with the desire to personalize/modify their Mustang to stand out from the normal crowd will surely bring your organization the spotlight you want.  Additionally, our organization has a much higher participation of women due to the family-like atmosphere.

Advertising with YMR includes the following:

  • Rotating banner (486 x 60) on the YMR Advertiser page and the YMR Forums.

  • Static ad banner (468 x 60) located on the Mustang Links page.

  • Advertiser status on the YMR Forums allows you to post messages and sales ads on our dedicated Authorized Advertiser Forum.  Also permits company links in your signature, and limited sales listings in forum signature. (no large fonts or objectionable material).

1 month: $25.00
3 months: $70.00
6 months: $130.00

1 year: $250.00

2 year: $450.00

3 year: $800.00

All advertising will require YMR Admin approval to ensure it does not contain inappropriate information.  Additionally, please see the YMR Dealer Guidelines and Rules on our YMR Forums site for your specific responsibilities as YMR Authorized Advertisers.

Please email us to receive more information about advertising your merchandise or services with the YMR or ask us any questions in regards to advertising with the YMR.